These terms and conditions shall apply to all users of this service. By accessing this website, using the information therein and using the services available through it, users accept the general conditions of use set forth in this page and in the attached documents.

Conditions of Use of Dynamic DNS Service

By using any service or product supplied via the website, users accept these conditions. Anyone who does not wish to accept these conditions should not use this website or the services offered or made available through it.

This agreement is made by and between BTicino SpA, a company with registered office at Viale Borri 231, Varese (Italy) (hereinafter referred to as BTicino), supplier of the service, and you (user of the service) and shall also be binding upon any middleman involved in the distribution or resale of the service.

On this website, BTicino offers software products and services designed to increase ease of communication between Internet users, within the limits and in observance of the generally-accepted principles of integrity in communication and freedom of speech, as well as of widely-recognised moral and legal principles.

BTicino does not monitor in any way the content of the websites, messages or information obtained or accessible through the Dynamic DNS Services. However, BTicino shall have a right to suspend or terminate the provision of the service to those users who, in BTicino’s sole opinion, use the services in breach of the Internet’s codes of conduct (netiquette, self-regulation codes, etc.). Without limitation, the afore-mentioned breaches may include the following: running an email server to send unsolicited advertising (SPAM), running a website or FTP to distribute software covered by copyright for free (“WAREZ”).

No warranty of correct operation may be provided by BTicino in relation to this service. BTicino may not be held liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damage deriving from the failed or faulty operation of any element configured or transiting on its servers or on those out of its domain. Indirect and consequential damage shall include, for example, damage deriving from the failed operation of the Domain Name Server.

In addition, BTicino may not be held liable for any damage occurred through the use of its services, free or not.

The service is provided at no cost, although exclusively to BTicino’s clients.

Host Deletion

If a host is not updated or does not change its IP address for over 30 days, it is classed as ‘abandoned’ and then deleted, so that it can be used by another user.


BTicino may vary these conditions of use without written notice. The new conditions will be available via a link on the homepage of the website